WALKING IN LOVE; walking in love equals walking spiritually

“…the love of God is shed abroad in our
hearts by the Holy Ghost….”
—Romans 5:5
To fellowship with God, to walk with God, to walk
in God’s realm, we must walk in love. Divine Love.
For God is Love.
When I was born-again, He became my Father. He
is a Love God. I am a Love child of a Love God. I’m
born of God, and God is Love, so I am born of Love.
The nature of God is in me. And the nature of God is
We can’t say we don’t have this Divine Love.
Everyone in the family has it, or else they’re not in the
family. They may not be exercising it. They may be
like the one-talent guy that wrapped his talent in a
napkin and buried it. But the Bible says that the Love
of God has been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost. That means the God-kind of hove has been shed
abroad in our hearts, our spirits. This is a Love family.
Jesus said, “By this shall all men know that ye are
my disciples—(How are they going to know it?)—if
ye have love one to another” (John 13:35). That’s the
way they’re going to know us.
This kind of Love is not selfish. “God so loved the
world that he gave….”
The love law of the family of God is. “That ye love
one another; as I have loved you,” (John 13:34). How
did He love us? Because we deserved it? No! He loved
us while we were yet unlovely. He loved us while we
were yet sinners. The Bible says so.
(And think about this. If God loved us with so great
love when we were sinners, when we were unlovely,
when we were His enemies, do you think He loves His
children any less? No, a thousand times no.)
Loves” Compared: Diviàne—Natural Human
This Love we’re talking about is Divine Love, not
natural human love. We hear a lot today about natural
human love, but there is simply no love in this old
world like the Love of God. Natural human love is
selfish. I’ve heard people say, “A mother’s love is akin
to the love of God.” I thought that at one time. But it
isn’t so. As a usual thing a mother’s love is a natural human love. And as a usual thing, it’s selfish. “That’s my baby.” “Oh, I love my children, I love them,” a woman came crying to me saying, “I want you to pray for them. I’ve brought them up right here in this church, and I don’t understand it. Not a one of them will come except my girl.” One of her daughters played the piano and she was the only one who came. In fact, one of the boys had just run away from home. She said, “There isn’t anyone in this church that loved their children any more than I did.” I said, “Sister, there has to be a reason. I’m a stranger here, just an evangelist, but I can see this poor girl here on the piano bench. You’ve smothered her with your ‘love.’ And I’ll guarantee the reason the rest of them ran off is because you wouldn’t let them out from under your coattail. You wanted to run their lives entirely. (I’d look at this girl at the piano and she’d duck her head. She didn’t know how to act.) I dare say your daughter has never had a boy friend in her life, or a girl friend either.” “Well no,” she said, “I just always kept her at home. I thought I could raise her up better.” I said, “No, you couldn’t. Her personality is twisted.” Natural human mother love; but it was selfish. She didn’t have her children’s interests at heart. She had her interests at heart. She wanted to keep them with her.


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