LOVE COMPARED: Divine & Natural. Sir. Kenneth H.

………have you ever noticed that mothers-in-law rarely have trouble with sons-in-law? It’s usually with daughters-in-law. Many times that mother just feels there is no girl anywhere good enough for “my boy.” Oh yes, she may be saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, and talking in tongues every night, but instead of letting the Love of God in her heart dominate her, she is letting the natural human love in her flesh dominate her.

Constantly picking. Constantly saying things. The reason mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have trouble—if they don’t walk in Love—is that for years that mother was the main one in the life of this boy. She wants to keep on telling him what to do. And now the wife wants to tell him what to do. They can’t both tell him what to do. And he’s in a dilemma.

The Love of God is in our hearts, but it may be like the talent that was wrapped in a napkin and hidden in the earth. We may not use it, but that Love of God is in our hearts. If we would use it, and learn to let that love dominate us, it would make a difference in our lives. It would cure the ills in our homes. This kind of Love has never been to a divorce court, and will never go. It was natural human love that went there. Natural human love can turn to hatred when it doesn’t get its way. It will fight and fuss, claw and knock, cuss and
be mean. Divine Love, when it is reviled, revileth not
again. I didn’t say Christians haven’t been to a divorce
court; they have. But they weren’t letting the Love of
God dominate them.
God wants us to grow. And thank God, we can
grow in Love. The Bible speaks of being made perfect,
or mature, in Love. No, we haven’t been made perfect
in Love yet, but we can be and some of us are on our
The God-kind of Love is not interested in what I
can get—but in what I can give. Do you see how that
can solve all the problems in your home?
Too many are selfish. And even though they are
Christians, they let the natural dominate them. “What
can I get.” “I’m not going to take this.” “I’m not going
to take that.” “I’m not going to put up with this.” “I.”
“I.” “I.” “I.”
It’s true in churches. In the second church I
pastored I was twenty and single so I rented a room
from a couple in the church. The man knew the Bible
and had a marvelous experience with God. But he was
the type that said, “I’ve got my say-so, and I’m going to
have it. I’m a member of that church just as much as
anyone else and I’ve got my say-so.” He had his say￾so, and so did some others, until everything was
wrecked. I only stayed six months. God told me to tell them
that unless they repented the time would come when
they wouldn’t have a church. Through the first
prophetic utterance I ever had He said, “I’ll remove
their candlestick. If they don’t repent, the doors of this
church will be closed within one year. They will
remain closed two years, and then they will open up
again. I’ll give them one more chance. If they don’t
make it then, this church building will be moved off
this church lot.”
They got mad. They were about ready to do to me
the same thing those folks were ready to do to Jesus in
His hometown of Nazareth. They were ready to throw
Him off the brow of the hill. They reported what I’d
said to some of the elders of the movement, and they
wanted to boot me out, but were a little afraid to.
However, at the end of the year, just as He said, the
doors of that church closed for two years. A padlock
was on it. Then a fellow opened it up again. And God
gave them a certain amount of time. But they didn’t
walk in the light and it shut down. It came to pass just
as God said. I could take you there and show you a lot
with no church today, and it still belongs to that
particular movement.
Through the years there were enough of them to
have a church. But they couldn’t. Because they
couldn’t get along among themselves. They never got above the babyhood stage of Christianity. They
remained babies. They didn’t grow.
As children of God the nature of God is in us. And
God’s nature is Love. So it is natural for us, spiritually,
to Love. But if I let my outward man and my mind
dominate me, that Love nature in my heart is kept
prisoner. Let’s release the Love of God that’s within us.


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  1. That resonated with me. My mother adored my husband while my mother-in-law attempted to cause as much trouble as possible between us. Fortunately she failed but she definitely lost out on us spending more time with her as a consequence.

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